" Now I have a full of tools and when things get stressful or I feel off, I just reach into my toolbox and use the resources and strategies I have learned. I am prepared for life now."

Aaron, celebrating one year in his apartment.

" I think God know what he is doing."

Thomas, the day he moved into transitional housing.

" I would never have imagined I'd be able to own a home, but the Mission helped me set goals and kept me on track. I painted every room a different color because after spending 14 years in jail, I never want to see grey walls again."

Sam, celebrating one year of home ownership.

"I've learned a lot here. I am so thankful that God got me when He did. It's that Lord that has gotten me throught, and I'm thankful that for this place."

Female Resident, working on her case plan and looking forward to moving into her own place in March.